Sacred Heart College - Kyneton

Sacred Heart College - Kyneton

In 2023, Luruk-In was contacted by Sacred Heart College to produce a commission piece that symbolises the schools' shared spirit of mercy, compassion, hospitality, service, courage, respect and justice of Mercy and the Taungurung landscape where the school is located. 

The painting, simply titled “Mercy” offers a representation of Sacred Heart College embedded within the surrounding country. This painting has been drawn upon to create the new signage for the schools Quambi stadium, and to speak to the spirit of Mercy that the stadium is named after. 

A major focal point of the artwork is the Cross that sits towards in the centre of the canvas surrounded by the waterways of the Campaspe River and Post Office Creek. These significant waterways nourish and sustain the life and spirit of the land, and the communities that gather on it.

Framing the image are the mountain ranges for which our region is well known. The mountains, or “Ngarraks” in the Taungurung language, are a source of knowledge, history and truth. Their contour lines denote layers of wisdom over time past, and into time future. In this way, the mountains speak with the voice of those who have been here before us, and of those who will come after us.

On Friday 16 February 2024, Aimee attended the unveiling of the artwork 'Mercy' and witnessed the blessing of the new Quambi Stadium signage. 

Quambi Stadium, Sacerd Heart College - Kyneton

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