Ngarrak Yilam Mural - Dindi Arts Trail

Ngarrak Yilam Mural - Dindi Arts Trail

With assistance from local mural artist Tim Honey, Aimee's recent mural on the wall of the Kinglake Sports Stadium 'Ngarrak Yilam' meaning Mountain Range invites the community and its visitors to connect with Taungurung Country and the areas cultural significance.

Centre of the design are concentric circles representing a gathering place which is fitting noting the site is a very popular gathering place for sports activities, markets, Anzac memorials, and meetings. To depict people and community members, Aimee uses people symbols surrounding the meeting place and the Meandering Creek 'Gumang' is a symbol of an important life source, nourishing all. On either side of the creek is the 'Murnong' Yam daisy which was and continues to be an important staple food for the Taungurung people and other members of the Kulin Nations.

The contour lines highlight the steep 'Ngarrak Yilam' Mountain Range in ochre colours touched by the warmth of the sun, a strong energy force promoting life and growth. The lines also represent Taungurung people's connection with the landscape - its knowledge, customs and traditions that have remained in place for tens of thousands of generations.

On both sides of the design, Aimee has used 'Djerrang' Gum leaves to emphasise the importance of the bush in smoking ceremonies, which is used to welcome guests onto country and ensuring safe passage to all visitors. 

A pivotal part of the design is the blue sky symbolising the openness of the sky in Kinglake and the fresh air available to all and which is vital to the growth of country and its people. The sky is accompanied by stars depicting the Southern cross and paying homage to the ancestors watching over those below.

Location: 1 Extons Rd, Kinglake Central (LAT 37.507522 / LNG 145.31452)

Ngarrak Yilam 'Mountain Range' Mural - Dindi Arts Trail

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