Mandalay Resources Mural, Costerfield Victoria

Mandalay Resources Mural, Costerfield Victoria

This striking and vivid mural is situated on the lands of the Taungurung people in Costerfield, Victoria. 

This design captures the essence of the Australian Bush with a burst of warm and inviting colours, creating a sense of warmth and energy. At the top and bottom of the design are the mountain ranges depicted in varying shades of blue.

Accompanied by kangaroo, emus and people symbols appearing as if they are in motion allowing the viewer to invoke a sense of freedom. These symbols are depicted in a way that blends them harmoniously with the landscape, emphasising the deep connection between country and its animals.

Thank you to Jodie from Mandalay Resources who commissioned Luruk-In to create a design for this little part of the world.

Location: Bradleys Lane, Costerfield Victoria 3523


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