Koorie Heritage Trust Annual Art Show 2022

Koorie Heritage Trust Annual Art Show 2022

The Koorie Art Show is the Koori Heritage Trust's (KHT) annual event showcasing the diverse talent of Victoria’s First Nations Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists in one inclusive space.

In 2022, KHT is celebrating its 10th Koorie Art Show with the annual exhibition commencing Saturday 03 December 2022 - Sunday 19 February 2023. Luruk-In artist Aimee McCartney artwork  Yerram "Morning Sunrise" in Taungurung Language features in this years exhibition. Aimee's artwork represents being out on Country and seeing the Yerram sweep across the land, rivers and sky. The changing of the lands colours and textures showcase the connectedness of being out on country, watching the sun shine bright over all the elements and being surrounded and protected by the mountains - all of which we are connected too always.

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