Fundraising for an important cause

Fundraising for an important cause

In early September, RAAF Base East Sale Officers Mess contacted Aimee of Luruk-In to see if she would be interested in donating a piece towards supporting the Holsworthy Community Group. 

This fundraising effort was in support for the family and friends of the fallen MRH90 aircrew lost in the Lindeman Island incident on 28 July 2023.

Aimee who is a current serving member of the Royal Australian Air Force was humbled to contribute towards such an important cause, honouring those who have lost their lives. Aimee's goal was to create a piece that symbolises RAAF Base East Sale: its runways and all the of the geographical points of interest in the surrounding area.

In the end, an inspiring pilot was the lucky winner of this original piece and as a result the event raised $2K for the Holsworthy Community Group to support families affected by the MRH90 incident. 

This event truly was a reminder of the unbreakable bond among veterans and the importance of standing together during difficult times.



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